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Cabinet Warranty

Baseline Cabinet & Wood Refinishing / Cabinet care & two year limited warranty:
Please wait 7 to 10 days following the refinishing process before you clean your cabinets & wood, (The finish may smudge or dull if you clean them before that time). Our recommendation for cleaning  your cabinets and wood finishes are to use water or a mild non-ammonia based cabinet & wood cleaner. Use a soft smooth cotton cloth to clean the cabinet & wood finish. Our warranty covers the finish  against peeling and or blistering of the finish only. The warranty does not cover: impact damage causing chips, scratches, indentations, color changes and smudges, dulling, fogging of the lacquer, which can happen when the finish is exposed to moisture over a period of time or when it’s exposed to large amounts of liquids, ammonia based cleaners or other cleaning products, chemical and non-chemical causing the finish to peel, blister, changing the finish from it’s original refinished condition. If Baseline is matching another color in your home, ie (Baseboards, crown molding, doors or any other painted or coated wood areas in your home; the new stain finish Baseline applies has a lacquer clear coat over the color or within the lacquer itself. It will never look exactly the same as painted or other coated areas). The lacquer clear-coat finish over the stain will yellow or amber over time; this is the nature of lacquers on the market through-out the United States. Any warranties beyond (2) years covers against the complete degradation of the finish materials only, meaning the lacquer and or stain would turn to powder and fall off the door panels, drawer fronts or boxes.
Definitions: Blistering of the finish will come from under the stain, it will crack the stain and lacquer from the wood out, not from the outside in. If this happens it’s the customer’s responsibility to leave the blister or any other damage in place so Baseline can view the area and determine if it falls under the warranty, the same will be true for peeling or any other issue the customer thinks is a cabinet/wood warranty item. Discoloration happens within (1) to (2) hours after applying the stain to the cabinets during production. The stain will turn to a different color in some areas through-out the finish, this is caused by a defective stain mix from the product supplier. Baseline would see this during the production phase of the project and would remove all the stain and start our process again. Baseline will be the sole determining factor if a warranty claim is valid and the warranty applies. Please note it’s customers responsibility to email a copy of their signed contract and proof of payment before Baseline personnel will inspect your warranty claim item. it’s the customers responsibility to periodically to check there cabinets evaluating their condition. Thank you, Baseline

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