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Baseline Painting Warranty:

We have a (2) year labor warranty for exterior house painting & staining. Our warranties protect you against peeling during the warranty period of the painted surface areas, not the sub-straight, siding, stucco, wood, composite or other material behind the immediate painted surface area. The homes we paint have been previously painted and have been exposed to the elements before we start work on the home, we do not take responsibility for anything behind the painted surface area that may come through and affect the surface area. In some cases the surface of the siding or trim looks to be in good condition and we paint those areas; there can be dry wrought, water damage or other damage you don’t see upon your inspection before painting, the damage can come through the back side of the siding or trim and surface at a time following Baseline Painting’s completion of the paint or stain project. Baseline does not warranty those areas.  It is the responsibility of the home owner to periodically check the condition of their home to make sure the work and paint we applied is in satisfactory condition, if a home owner does not periodically check their home, water may be damaging there home and warranty work could have stopped the damage, that is the home owners responsibility.  The warranty does not cover, fading, blotches or chipping to the finish, previously damaged or failing material due to weather or other circumstances, this may be listed under preexisting on your proposal. The warranty does not cover cracks or separations in caulking and the wood or any material behind those areas including drywall. The warranty does not cover standing water or horizontal surface areas, such as decks, hand rails, floors, trim, concrete or black top. Baseline Painting is not responsible for damages caused by accidents, temperature changes, settlement or moisture, cracks caused by expansion and/or contraction or impact damage to the surface areas. The definition of discoloration under the Baseline Painting warranty is when the paint looks multi-colored and blotchy in the same color tone within (5) days after a newly painted home is completed. Discoloration does not define fading, blotches in the color beyond (5) days of a newly painted project. If you have any issues with your paint or stain project please contact us and confirm your warranty claim with Baseline by email and and telephone, we’ll do the best we can to help you. To file a warranty claim you must have a copy of your signed proposal and proof of payment is required for us to begin the inspection process under the warranty. The warranty is conditioned upon full payments of all sums due to Baseline under your proposal/agreement including any change orders or additions in the scope of work to the original project/proposal/agreement, those payments must be received within (7) days following of Baseline’s request for payment. If Baseline agrees your warranty claim is valid it will supply all labor to complete the project, the home owner is responsible for all materials purchases required to complete that warranty work. Baseline’s warranty has an attorneys fees provision that the winning party can collect all attorney fees and cost if taken to court or arbitration.

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