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What does the prep work involve for exterior projects?

We first start by power washing the outside of your home to wash off any loose dirt, and cob webs. After the house is dry (couple of hours) the crew will start scraping loose paint, caulking seems and nail holes, and priming exposed wood. Paper, plastic and tape will also be placed where needed.

What does the power washing do?

Power washing is an important step to the prepping process of your home. We power wash every exterior to remove dirt, cob webs, and loose materials in order to assure a clean paint finish.

How do you apply the two coats of paint?

When we paint the body of your home we use a sprayer. We apply the two coats in a 45 degree angle going up. Then we apply the second coat at a 45 degree angle going down the siding. We use a wet on wet application. On small areas like the window trim and doors, we apply two coats using a roller and brushes.

How long will it take to paint my house?

The average time to complete a house is 2-3 days, but this may vary based on project size and detail.

In what weather conditions can you paint an exterior?

There are products available when painting as low as 35°, but we prefer the weather to be closer to 40 degrees.

What type of finish do you typically use with exterior paint?

We use a satin finish on all exteriors. This is usually what the HOA requires. If you would like to use a different finish, please check with your HOA beforehand.

Can you match my existing colors for me?

If you are unable to determine the color name or manufacturer for the current paint on your home and you would like to match the colors, you can bring a paint chip or piece of siding/trim into Kwal or Sherwin Williams to be matched. If you would like to use similar colors, you can get swatches from a local store, use the assistance of a color consultant or try samples of similar colors.

How do I pay?

We accept checks and all major credit cards with a 3% up charge. Invoices will be delivered by the crew and payment is due at time of walk through. You can hand the check to the crew leader made out to Baseline Painting or pay with credit card via phone with the office. We can send a receipt via email/mail after payment if requested.

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