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Exterior Painters Checklist


  • Walk the property to check for any damage. If there is any damage, take a picture with your phone and call the office immediately. No work shall be performed until the office has contacted the homeowner about the damage.
  • Place sign in front yard.
  • Power-wash all areas to be painted or stained. Place door hanger on front door, (Power Washing Has Been Completed)
  • Hammer in all loose nails and fill nail holes with caulking.
  • Lay plastic over concrete, decking, plants, outdoor furniture, to protect from loose scrapings and new paint.
  • Scrape loose paint, big drip marks and bubbled paint areas.
  • Prime and caulk all new boards & exposed wood.
  • Caulk open seams.
  • Caulk nail holes.
  • Check paint against color decks to ensure we have correct paint. If the colors do not match, contact the office immediately.
  • Cover all windows with plastic before spraying.
  • Cover all glass on meters & air conditioning units before painting.
  • Do not cut or break any trees, bushes, shrubs or branches. It is the home owner’s responsibility to cut them back before painting.
  • Do not complete any work that is not written on the job jacket. If the customer requests something that is not on the job jacket, have them call the office.


  • All trash must be removed from property at the end of each day.
  • Paint chips need to be picked up/swept up.
  • All plastic, tape and paper must be removed from the house/property.
  • Check to make sure all trim lines are straight.
  • Replace any weather stripping after painting.
  • Do not rinse brushes on grass, and make sure all paint is washed from the area.
  • Turn off water and wind hose up.
  • Leave any unused paint at the property.
  • Complete walk through with the customer.
  • Perform any touch-ups that need to be completed.

I have completed all tasks on the painter’s checklist:

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