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Deck / Fence / Wood Substrate Refinishing

Color Selection:

The first step will be to decide what colors you would like to stain or paint your deck. Stain swatches are available for viewing and pickup at your local Sherwin Williams and Kwal paint stores.

If you would like to match the existing stain on your deck, you can take a board into Sherwin Williams or Kwal to have the stain matched. A confirmation email will need to be sent to the office stating the approval of the stain match.


Baseline will schedule your painting start date after receiving your colors and price confirmation on our color selection form. We all know Colorado weather is unpredictable and there may be other unforeseen circumstances that change your schedule. Our office staff will always make our best efforts to keep your original painting schedule.

Before We Start:

The homeowner must perform some miscellaneous duties outside home to prepare for the crew arrival. Trees, bushes, shrubs, and any other vegetation that are on or close to the deck should be cut and trimmed back so the painters can perform their work. Please remove all wall hangings, decorations, and other outdoor accessories from the exterior of the deck area. The above miscellaneous duties must be completed before Baseline begins your painting or stain project. We will aid in the removal and covering of heavy items such as grills and or patio furniture. If you have pets, we ask that you keep them inside or in an area outside of the home away from the areas being painted or stained.

Start Date & What To Expect:

1.) Power washing – Is the first step of preparing your deck for stain and is a medium to light rinse that removes dust and light dirt. Some cob webs & loose dirt may remain so our painters will wipe those areas down before staining.
2.) Prep-Work – We will scrape loose paint, and hammer loose nails and boards. Depending on your contract terms, we will also sand all or part of the wood substrate and replace rotted boards.
3.) Painting – Baseline applies stain/paint using brush, roll, and uses an airless spray machine according to the product and specifics of your project. (For more information on our products (CLICK HERE)
4.) Clean-up – Our crews will perform a light daily clean-up and upon completion remove any other plastic, tape and debris from your home area as best we can.
5.) Final walk through – Our crew leader will walk your deck with you and look over all stained areas verifying their completion. If any areas require touch-up they will all be completed at that time. Our crew leader will present a simple completion form for you to complete and sign.
6.) Payment – Payment is due at time of walk through unless other arrangements were scheduled in writing with Baseline.

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